2020: Dogs That Will Dominate The Next Decade


With social media impacting and influencing all kinds of lifestyle and consumer decisions, it makes sense that it would influence what kind of dog people choose. Instagram is like the TV was in an earlier era. ‘Lassie’ inspired a mid-century collie boom, and ‘Frasier’ propelled a Jack Russell terrier moment in the 1990s. 

With dogs becoming more human, we’ve taken a more considered look at which dogs are front-running their way into the next decade for all the right reasons. 

Here’s our rundown of the dogs we predict will dominate the decade ahead:

Re-homed dogs

Image credit: Bark Magazine

As we all look for ways to become conscious consumers, adopting dogs is the ultimate form of ‘recycling’ when it comes to our pets. Purchasing a new puppy from a breeder only leads to a greater demand for breeding. With millions of homeless dogs stuck in re-homing centres across the country, adopting not only one saves a dog from an untimely death, but frees up a space for another to be housed. 

Lil Hobbs


Image Credit: Etsy
An ‘aspiring vegan’, chihuahua Lil Hobbs is leading the way when it comes to canine plant-based diets. The Instagram star, who eats and blend of vet-prescribed non-vegan diet food and Natural Balance vegan wet food is inspiring dogs and their owners to take a more ethical approach to nutrition. 


If the 2010s didn’t bring a sniff of Jiffpom to your screens, where have you been hiding? As the most followed dog ever to grace those little Instagram squares, this pretty Pomeranian face now has over 9 million followers!

Dubbed the animal star of 2019, he featured in a Katy Perry music video and has broken two Guinness World Records for running on his front and back paws.


All eyes have been on Dilyn the Jack Russell-cross rescue puppy since he moved into the flat above No 11 Downing Street a few months ago. Mixed breeds are a popular choice in the UK according to ITV show ‘Britain’s Favourite Dogs’, and this little pup had been rescued from a puppy farmer in Rhondda, South Wales before catching the eye of Boris and Carrie. 

Image credit: The Times

With his paws set to patrol No10 for the foreseeable future, we’ve no doubt Dilyn will be lead into the limelight at every opportunity. Who said dog’s look like their owners?!

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