Camping with your dog: 7 things you need to consider before your trip


For those planning a camping trip this year, make sure you bring your four-legged friend with you! As long as the right preparations are in place, you’ll be safely snuggling around the campfire in no time.

It is important to make sure your pup is comfortable, especially when in new environments. Taking the right precautions such as bringing along a piece of home, a comfy bed or their favourite treats, can help reduce your pet's anxiety and make them feel safe.

Read on for ten other things to consider bringing on your camping adventure...

camping with dog by campfire

  • Tie out cables 

These allow your dog to stretch their legs without you worrying about them running off. The cable can be tied around a tree or using a stake you can secure the cable into the ground, giving you full visibility of your pet whilst they explore their new surroundings.

Don’t forget to bring home anything you take with you to the camping ground. It’s so important to protect our wild spaces and to bring home everything, including your rubbish. 

  • Bug repellent

When in the wilderness, there is a chance you or your dog may be bitten by insects. Also you should avoid using toxic products on your pup. Therefore, to protect yourself and your dog, it is best to invest in a natural spray that is DEET (diethyltoluamide) free. Before you head out on your trip, make sure you spray liberally and then repeat up to every 6 hours, or as needed.

  • Collapsible bowls

On long days, both you and your dog will need to take plenty of breaks - to rest, drink water and eat food. By purchasing collapsible bowls, you can save space in your day bag and keep your dog comfortable on days where they may be exercising more than usual. Once they have finished eating or drinking, you can collapse the bowl and pop it back in your bag ready for their next meal.

  • Collar lights

During summer, the nights come to an end later, but as the sun goes down you’ll want to make sure you have visibility of your pet. Purchase lights that can slip onto your dog’s existing collar, so that you can see where they are at all hours of the day, making your camping trip as relaxing as it should be.

  • Reflective harness

Much like with a collar light, a reflective harness adds that extra peace of mind that you can spot your dog in those low light hours. You can purchase a harness made from non-toxic, breathable materials in a range of sizes, making sure your dog is comfortable wearing it.

Be sure to keep your dog’s collar and ID tag on while they wear the reflective harness, so that in the event they do run off, other campers can easily identify your pet.

  • Medical bag

Pack a small medical kit with some antiseptic cream and dressing, just in case you or your pup gets injured during your trip. When dogs are hurt it can cause them distress, so being able to clean and treat a wound as soon as possible will make for an easier time for all. 

  • A comfortable dog bed

A dog bed can be of great comfort to your pet, especially in a new environment or after a long afternoon playing fetch in the mountains. An added benefit to bringing along your dog’s favourite bed, is that it can also help relieve their aches and pains after a long walk.

If you need a new durable bed for your dog, check out our eco-friendly line of nest, cushion and mattress beds.

  • A lid or airtight container for your dog’s wet food

Don't forget to pack your dog's favourite flavour of canned food. If you're worried about attracting flies, bring along a reusable lid for the can, or an airtight container so that you can easily store it away until their next meal.

  • Emergency veterinary number

When away from home you should be aware of your vet’s emergency and out of hours phone number, just in case of an emergency. Read up on the place you intend to camp, check that you keep a safe distance from any poisonous plants and berries and that you are aware of what to do in case your dog forages while your back is turned.

  • Pet wipes

Throughout the day your four-legged friend may get muddy and then try to bring that mud into your tent. This is where pet wipes come in handy, with plenty of hypoallergenic, earth-friendly options on the market, you’ll be able to find a safe option for your pet and the environment. 

What’s your favourite item to bring for a camping trip? Let us know in the comments below!

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