Five Recycled Dog Products Guaranteed To Reduce Your Pet’s Carbon Paw Print


As society’s become more aware of environmental damage and the war on plastic has gathered momentum, so consumer mindsets have shifted to swapping flimsy throwaway household items for more sustainable choices.

What’s more, with the UK’s pet population booming, it’s no surprise that this appetite for ethical decision-making is extending to our four-legged friends.

Long gone are the days when the term ‘sustainable’ conjured images of uninspiring, stiff fabrics.

Our recycled dog products - including dog beds, collars, leads and toys - are sustainable, stylish and comfortable, yet made from 100% recycled materials otherwise destined to pollute the environment.

We transform ocean-bound plastic and used clothes to create recycled fabric and fillings. Our products use high quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure your products last.

Here, we round up five of our favourite recycled dog products that will enable you to make a real difference to the world you inhabit, while guaranteeing style and comfort for your pet.

Adriatic Eco Dog Bed Nest

Dogs spend a huge proportion of their life sleeping, so sourcing a dog bed that is comfortable, affordable and sustainable is no easy task. But if your pup likes to snooze in style then our eco dog beds tick each of these boxes. Each is made from recycled plastic bottles, collected from oceans, rivers, beaches and landfill from some of the world’s poorest communities. Made with top quality recycled polyester fabric, with a comfy and durable finish, this eco dog bed is a cosy den that’s both machine washable and packed full of recycled polyester fibre.

Plastic fact: Each Adriatic Eco Dog Bed Nest is guaranteed to prevent at least 41 plastic bottles from polluting our oceans and natural environment. 

Goa Eco Dog Collar

Sustainable and stylish go hand in hand with the Goa eco dog collar, also made from fully recycled materials that help clean our oceans. Durable and chic, with extra strong webbing and fixings, this collar is classy and comfortable and available in a range of styles and sizes to suit all breeds. A perfect and unique gift for your (or someone else’s!) happy companion - the eco dog collar can also be paired with one of our eco dog leashes.

Plastic fact: Each Goa Eco Dog Collar removes at least two plastic bottles from ocean bound waste.

Danube Eco Dog Leash

Keep your furry friend close at hand with this Danube eco dog leash. Available in a range of styles and sizes, it works perfectly as a standalone item or paired with one of our matching eco dog collars. Its fixings and webbings are the highest quality, and the designs are every bit as elegant as they are sustainable. Time to start planning your next pet adventure!

Plastic fact: Each of our Danube Eco Dog Leashes removes at least two plastic bottles from ocean bound waste.

Adriatic Eco Dog Toy

Treat your beloved pet to a long-lasting toy he can have endless fun with and be safe in the knowledge that you’re making a tangible difference to the world’s natural environment in the process. As with each of our recycled dog products, our eco dog toys are made from recycled materials, with strong and durable fabric in a range of gorgeous colours. Our eco toy designs are also aligned with our bed, collar and leash collections.

Plastic fact: Each of our Adriatic Eco Dog Toys removes at least four plastic bottles from ocean-bound waste. 

Bengal Eco Dog Bed Mattress

The perfect option for dog owners who love the planet as much as they love their pooch - our Bengal eco dog mattress is a firm favourite with dogs that like to sprawl out. As comfortable as it is understated, and made with top quality recycled polyester fabric for a soft and durable finish, it’s machine washable and packed full of recycled polyester fibre. It also comes in medium, large and extra large sizes and the stylish design range means it will blend perfectly into any kitchen, bedroom or living room.

Plastic fact: Each Project Blu Eco Dog Mattress prevents at least 41 plastic bottles from polluting our oceans and natural environment.



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