How to Choose the Perfect Collar and Leash for your Dog


The modern world has brought so many pet products to the market, that finding the right one for you and your dog can be tricky. There are lots of factors to consider, such as material, size, and style.

It’s essential that the collar and leash combination you choose is comfortable and safe for your dog and allows you to maintain control at all times. At Project Blu we know our customers are as committed as we are to making choices that combine quality and eco-consciousness.

That’s why, in this blog, we’d like to walk you through everything you need to think about when choosing the perfect collar, leash, and even poobag holder for your dog.

Choosing the right material

Collars and leashes typically come in two types - fabric and leather - each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages:

Fabric a lightweight, comfortable, and more cost effective option. Cotton cultivation is environmentally damaging, as lots of water and chemical fertilizers are used to make it grow. That’s why at Project Blu our Italian-made fabric collars & leashes are handcrafted from a unique combination of recycled clothing and ocean-bound plastics. For example, check out the Adriatic leash for an environmentally friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Leather – the strong, tough, sophisticated option. Leather is also easier and more comfortable to grip than some of the other leash types and less likely to get tangled. However, conventional leather production techniques are highly polluting, environmentally unfriendly, and carcinogenic.

This is why Project Blu teamed up with ELeather to create an upcycled version of leather. This version of leather gives you all the benefits of a leather leash that is perfect for your dog and good for the planet too. Among many sustainable benefits, the ELeather manufacturing process involves over 60% lower carbon emissions and a 55% reduction in the use of natural resources, such as water.

Our Hamilton dog collar or leash, for example, is a premium sustainable ELeather, designed in Britain and handmade by Italian artisans using discarded leather that is otherwise destined for landfill sites.

Leather & fabric combined - Your dog can enjoy the advantages of both materials with these unique designs, that feature a stylish combination of leather and fabric.

Our Madison dog collar or leash, for example, are a premium, sustainable combination of ELeather & eco-fabric.

As well as choosing the material that’s right for your dog, it’s also important to pay attention to the fittings that allow you to connect the collar and leash. Look for solid brass or nickel options for strength and durability.

At Project Blu, all of our collars and leashes are built to last with top-quality, solid silver nickel fittings.

Getting the size right

When choosing your dog’s collar, getting the size right is, of course, one of the most important considerations. The first step is to measure your dog’s neck while he or she is standing up and then consult a size chart to find the right collar.

When choosing the right collar size the general rule of thumb is that if you can fit two fingers between neck and collar, then that’s a good fit. Therefore it is of course important to make sure that the collar is neither too tight nor too loose; so that breathing isn't restricted, and your dog isn't in danger of either slipping out of the collar or getting caught on something.

At Project Blu, all our collars have clear size charts that allow you to make sure you are selecting the right one to keep your beloved pooch comfortable and safe. You can find these size charts on each product page, for example: here.

Bear in mind that if your furry friend is particularly furry, you should measure them after they’ve had a trim. But make sure to buy them an adjustable collar that will also fit them comfortably when their fur has grown back. 

When buying a collar for a growing puppy, frequent checks of collar size are, of course, necessary, to make sure you are adjusting the collar or buying a new one as required.

Style considerations

It may be less important than the material and the fit, but style is still an important consideration for the fashion-conscious dog-owner. Some will want to create their own styles by playing off the contrasts between different collars and leashes. But you can’t go wrong with a matching leash & collar set.

At Project Blu all of our collars, leashes and poobag holders are available in matching sets, while they are all handmade from the same environmentally friendly materials. Check out, for example, this classic black ELeather Miho poobag holder, which matches the collar and leash of the same name.

Choosing the right collar, leash and other accessories for your dog can be challenging. But hopefully this guide has helped you to identify and select the right ones. At Project Blu, we’ve got you covered for everything your dog needs, with sustainable and high-quality products. Plus, everything we make is built to last, so you won’t need to be looking for replacements any time soon.

Project Blu – join the sustainable revolution.


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