The Magic of ELeather


Here at Project Blu, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, coupled with a deep commitment to producing high quality products. That’s why we are delighted to offer eco-conscious pet lovers our range of ELeather products - collars, leashes and poo bag holders that have all the quality you expect from leather with none of the environmental ill effects associated with the traditional leather industry. Read on to discover how ELeather is making a difference as the environmentalists’ choice for sustainable, recycled leather. 

Leather products have long been associated with quality and durability, but it’s less well known that their production process is very detrimental to the environment.

Leather production processes require huge amounts of energy while using dangerous and carcinogenic chemicals in the tanning process, including formaldehyde, coal-tar derivatives and cyanide. These chemicals pollute waterways and can severely harm the health of people who work at, or live near, the tanneries.  

Fortunately it is still possible to use leather in an eco-friendly and less harmful way.

One approach is leather upcycling. 

Amazingly, huge quantities of leather ends up in landfill. And that’s where our partners ELeather come in. ELeather are UK-based and are the pioneers of the sustainable leather industry. Since 2011 they’ve saved nearly 7,500 tonnes of leather from landfill and used it to create an award-winning alternative to traditional leather!

That’s 7500 tonnes of leather saved from landfill sites and upcycled back into valuable strong, quality products. 

How do they do it? 

The revolutionary ELeather process has four stages. 

First, they collect leather waste destined for landfill. Then, they break that down into leather fibre, which is put through a hydro-entanglement process which reconstitutes the fibre into a strong, durable recycled leather. This is then turned into big rolls which are delivered to us to be turned into eco-friendly products that your pet will love.. 

Our team of artisans in Italy then use the rolls to hand craft the Project Blu ELeather range; indistinguishable in look and feel from traditionally produced leather. 

Compared to regular leather production, ELeather’s environmentally friendly process delivers: 

  • Up to 55% recycled content
  • Over 60% lower carbon emissions
  • 95% process water usage
  • Over 55% reduction in the use of natural resources

In recognition of their outstanding and innovative work, ELeather have received multiple awards and are certified by the Textile Exchange (the Recycled Claim Standard) and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (the Higg Certificate). 

We use their products to produce our ELeather range, which consists of matching dog collars, leashes and poo bag holders in a number of different styles.

All of our products are high quality, durable, reliable, water-resistant, smart and stylish.

We really are delighted and proud to partner with ELeather to deliver our shared commitment to the environment. Combine their award-winning process with our mixture of British design and Italian artisanship, and you’ve got a premium sustainable product that you and your pet will love!

Project Blu – Join the Sustainability Revolution. 

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