What is the Perfect Bed for your Dog?

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You should always let sleeping dogs lie, right? But the question of what they should be lying on is a trickier one to answer. Your dog bed options fall into two main categories – the nest bed and the mattress bed – while choosing the right one for your furry friend can be harder than you think. Read on to discover the advantages and disadvantages of both beds, and which type of dog is best suited for each…

What’s the difference between the mattress bed and the nest bed? 

Just like the mattresses we sleep on, our mattress dogbeds provide good support for their bones and joints. It looks pretty much like a simple, flat cushion that you can put anywhere in your house for the dog to lie on. It is a well supported open space that's easy for your dog to hop on and off. Nest beds, in contrast, have slightly raised sides, giving them the appearance of, you guessed it, a bird’s nest - which is obviously the origin of their name. 

What are the advantages of the mattress bed?

The simplicity of the mattress bed brings benefits for some types of dogs. Those who like to stretch out will feel more comfortable on the mattress bed as they get plenty of space without being restricted by the sides. The lack of a rim also makes them suitable for smaller or older dogs who might struggle to get into the nest bed. Dogs that have a tendency to get very hot, may also feel more comfortable on the mattress bed, as they don’t get the extra heat that comes from being hemmed in by the raised sides. 

What are the advantages of the nest bed?

The nest bed is just perfect for the sort of dogs that love to snuggle and feel warm. Some say that before domestication, ancient dogs liked to live in dens. If your canine companion always seems happiest curled up in a cosy spot, then the nest bed will be perfect. The nest beds seem to provide a welcome feeling of protection for dogs who like to feel super comfortable and relaxed in their space. Your dog can feel safe and secure when tucked away inside the nest bed, but can still rest his/her head on the side of the nest to feel close to everything going on around in the house. 

But if you are choosing a nest bed, please make sure to pay close attention to the size you are ordering. As the space is restricted by the sides, the sleeping area is smaller than on the mattress beds.

Whichever bed you are choosing, do make sure to familiarise yourself with your dogs sleeping behaviour. Some will love to have their head curled up and covered, others prefer the stretch and simplicity of the basic mattress bed. Pick whatever seems right for them. And remember, dogs love to sleep, so it’s worth taking the time and investing the money to get the right one for your pet. 

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