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What It Takes To Make An Eco Friendly Dog Bed

By David Hagan

When it comes to finding an eco friendly dog bed that ticks all the boxes, you have to bear in mind the practical side of the purchasing decision. After all, if you or your canine can’t get on with the bed, it’s eco friendly credentials leap right out of the window if you have to buy another.

Durability, washability and style are frequent factors in the quest for an eco friendly dog bed, and ones quite frankly you shouldn’t have to compromise on in 2020! Here’s our list of key ingredients you should be on the lookout for when choosing an eco-friendly dog bed to last.

Superior style

It can take a bit of time to decide upon a dog bed that is worthy of your canine companion and your home. Yes, adding ‘style’ to the list is a little bit selfish, but if you have to have a dog bed on display in the heart of your home, your heart certainly needs to be set on its design.

For lovers of mottled blues and neutral hues (which are by their very nature are pretty adaptable to most home decor), Project Blu’s range of muted tones include paired shades of sand, cool blues and pale greys. All of which are, by their very nature, a true nod to the sea. 

Exceptional eco credentials

Until now it has been almost impossible to source an entirely eco friendly dog bed. Made from 100% recycled materials, the unique fabric of Project Blu dog beds is woven from recycled plastic bottle yarn combined with recycled cotton to create a soft and comfortable dog bed made entirely from ocean bound plastics and those destined for landfill. The result is a beautiful, durable dog bed design filled with 100% recycled fabric and fillings. 

Project Blu also makes a donation from every dog bed sold to the Plastic Bank, which builds and activates recycling infrastructure in the world’s poorest regions. Ocean-bound plastic is collected and returned for cash, digital currently, healthcare, school tuition and more.


Dogs will be dogs, so your dog bed needs to be able to withstand heavy usage, scratching and chewing. The beauty of recycled plastic fabric is that not only does it repel an element of water, it is incredibly tough, practical and hard wearing. Project Blu dog beds are made from upholstery grade fabric that exceeds a rub test of over 50,000 cycles. 

Machine washability

If your dog bed isn’t machine washable, then how on earth are you supposed to clean it effectively and without ruining the bed itself? With great difficulty. Buying a ‘dog bed for life’ means sourcing a fully machine washable bed, or one with a removable cover for easy washing. The latter also results in minimal fabric recycling when it is time to replace the cover with another sustainably sourced design, several years down the line. 


We’ve all been tempted by a soft, cute dog bed at some stage of our dog’s life, which soon becomes flat and worn out, or smelly and can’t be washed. It’s crazy to think that throwing away a dog bed every few months is a sensible lifestyle choice. Not only is it hugely bad for the environment, but it is extremely expensive. 

It’s time to Invest in a stylish, eco friendly dog bed for life.

Shop the full range of eco friendly dog beds from Project Blu.

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