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All of our dog collars are stylish, strong and kind to mother earth. Designed in the UK and manufactured in Italy from high quality sustainable materials. Our recycled leather collars convert a wide range of polluting materials into eco friendly products. Alternatively, our vegan leather collars are made purely from apple leather that is harvested from orchards in the Trentino region of Northern Italy. With all our products we minimise the carbon footprint of our processes, limiting their environmental impact to the best of our abilities. Matching dog beds and leads are also available.

Hamilton - ELeather Dog Collar
Key Features ELeather recycled leather – a premium sustainable leather, recycled from unused leather High-quality – handmade by Italian artisans Strong & reliable – fitted out with top-quality solid nickel fixings and built to last Water resistant - ready for all types of weather and...
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For Pets, People and the Planet

These products are made from ocean-bound plastic bottles and recycled clothes, in an effort to sustain our planet. We work with the Plastic Bank to run a safe, fair and efficient recycling infrastructure.

Super Strong ELeather

We have teamed up with ELeather to upcycle leather that is unused and often destined for landfill. This revolutionary process transforms leather into advanced materials, while achieving a significantly lower environmental footprint. 

Soft and Sturdy Fabric

Even though part of the fabric originated from plastic, our beds are super soft, comfortable and designed to last.

Compliments Modern Interiors

Not only are our products kind to mother earth; they are also designed to complement modern interiors and fashion trends.

Ocean Bound Plastic Waste

We work with local coastal communities in India to collect plastic waste. 80% of ocean plastic is from the World's poorest nations. Project Blu helps increase the value of plastic, so it is recycled instead of thrown away.

Flakes and Pellets

The pellets are melted and then processed into recycled polyester yarn. We then mix the polyester with recycled cotton which is upcycled from old clothes. This provides a soft & durable finish.

Recycled Fabric

Our super strong & comfy fabric is then handmade by Italian artisans into collars and leashes. We provide an extra strong internal webbing and solid nickel fixings.

Eco Friendly Pet Products

Project Blu transforms the polluting waste into a range of high-quality pet accessories. These include dog beds, cat beds, collars & leashes.

Materials that Help the Planet

Since its invention some 100 years ago, plastic has become an integral part of our daily lives, but every year some eight million tons of it ends up in the ocean, and there it can be lethal. Our products convert ocean bound plastic and convert it into recycled polyester yarn and fillings. This removes the threat from our eco-system and reduces the dependence on virgin plastics which are harmful to the environment. 80% of ocean waste is from the World's poorest nations. We work with the local communities to turn plastic into a valuable resource, so it is recycled instead of thrown away. Visit our sustainability page for more information.

Energy Conservation

75% less energy consumption than conventional PET and cotton yarn manufacturing.

Reduced Chemicals

Waste plastic leaches chemicals into the ground & water. Chemical products are not reapplied in the fields when using recycled materials.

Reduced Oil Dependance

Virgin polyester is made using a process involving oil and coal. Recycling 1-Ton of PET waste saves 0.7 barrels of oil

Reduced Water Consumption

Recycled PET & cotton uses 86% less water compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

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