Nest Dog Beds

Nest shape dog beds are perfect for dogs who like to curl up when they sleep. The nest shape helps to relieve anxiety and calm the dog while simulating being close to another dog. Made from recycled ocean bound plastic waste. Our products convert polluting materials into fully recycled fabrics and fillings. Designed in Great Britain, handmade in Italy.
Adriatic - Eco Dog Bed (Nest)
If you'd like your canine’s sleeping spot to be as stylish and sustainable as your interior, then the environmentally friendly Adriatic dog nest bed is the choice for you. Made from durable, high quality recycled fabric, it's packed full of...
£44.99 from £31.49
Danube - Eco Dog Bed (Nest)
If your dog likes to curl up rather than stretch out or lie flat, then look no further than our environmentally friendly Danube dog nest bed. Made from durable quality fabric, it's packed full of recycled polyester fabric for ultimate...
£44.99 from £31.49
Bengal - Eco Dog Bed (Nest)
Let your dog curl up in style, having saved the planet from plastic pollution with our environmentally friendly Bengal dog nest bed. You both deserve a well earned rest. Made from durable quality recycled fabric, it's packed full of recycled...
£44.99 from £31.49
Goa - Eco Dog Bed (Nest)
If your dog is at home curled-up in front of the fireplace, then you need an eco-friendly dog bed to be proud of. Made from recycled plastic bottles destined for the ocean, our Goa dog nest bed is nothing short...
£44.99 from £31.49
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