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Our eco-friendly products come in a range of sizes and styles to suit your puppy's needs. They are super comfortable, yet durable and sustainable, in order to help build a better future for both you and your pet. All Project Blu products are designed in the UK and handmade by artisans in Italy.

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About Our Eco Friendly Puppy Beds

Puppy on mattress dog beds

Our eco-friendly puppy beds come in a range of sizes and styles to suit your puppy's needs. They are super soft and comfortable, yet durable and the entire bed is machine washable.

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Our Puppy Beds

Earth-Friendly Materials

Our goal is to minimize throw-away culture and create pet products that stand the test of time. Our eco-friendly puppy beds are made from repurposed t-shirts and recycled materials that keep waste out of landfills and give old materials a whole new use.

Extra Soft

Strength and durability doesn’t mean stiff and uncomfortable. These cozy puppy beds are absolutely irresistible when puppies are ready to catch some z’s.


Our strong puppy beds are created from an advanced Duratex fabric which can withstand energetic pets who don’t go easy on their belongings.

Stylish Dog Beds to Suit Your Home

If loud, bright colors and crazy designs aren’t your thing, we think you’ll enjoy our tasteful and modern selection of dog beds. Our designs are handmade by Italian artisans and exude current, on-trend looks that are made to compliment your home decor. With the ultimate eco-friendly, designer puppy bed at a fair and reasonable price, you can rest easy that you've made the right decision.

Easy to Clean

All of our beds can fit into a large washing machine; however our XL beds may be too large for some washing machines. In this instance the bed can be washed in a large public washing machine, or in a bath by letting it soak in lukewarm water and some gentle detergent.

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