How long will it take for my order to arrive?


Due to COVID-19 delays orders normally arrive around 4 working days after purchase.


Do you ship outside of the UK?


Yes we do – as we grow, we continue to update our delivery locations. There will be an additional fee for oversees shipping, which will be quoted at the time of purchase. If a shipping option does not appear when you checkout, please send an email to hello@projectblu.co and we can find out if your location can be added to our list.


How do I request a return / exchange?


Please refer to the instructions provided on the delivery and returns leaflet that we placed inside your parcel. If this is missing, please email hello@projectblu.co


Is my bed washable?


Yes - All of our nest beds and the removable inside cushions are machine washable at 30°. If you have a pillow or cushion bed, these have a removable cover that can be washed on the same temperature.


Do you have spare cushions or replaceable covers that I can buy?


Not at this time but as we grow, we may in the future


Is my collar and lead washable?


Yes - We advise our collars and leads to be hand washed / wiped down, or put on a cool machine wash.






Does my bed / collar / lead / toy come with a warranty?

 We offer a 1 year warranty on our beds only from the date of purchase. The warranty only covers manufacturing defects and does not include accidental damage, wear and tear or customer / dog damage e.g. dog chewing the leather.


How do I choose the right size for a collar?


We have a variety of models to suit various size breeds. Please take care to read the descriptions to avoid any disappointment.


Measure your dogs neck.


Our collars have 3 measurements 1) the full length of the collar from end to end  2) the width  3) the neck size suitable.


Please select the size of the collar that fits your dogs neck size.


How do I choose the right size / shape dog bed?


For dogs who like to curl up and feel protected - Our nest beds are perfect.


When choosing the nest bed size - please take note of the sleeping area measurements. This is the size available for your dog to curl or stretch out.


For dogs who like to stretch out, or for those slightly older or smaller, that find climbing into a bed difficult - Either our pillow or cushions beds are ideal.


All beds are made with top grade upholstery fabric that is extremely tough and hard wearing, plus are packed full of virgin fibre to encourage a healthy sleeping position.


Do you offer custom / personalised items?


No sorry, not at this time

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