Built To Last

Project Blu Founder Geryn Evans converts polluting materials into built-to-last pet accessories.

Geryn Evans

Geryn Evans

Founder & CEO

Ben Street

Ben Street

Head of Marketing

Our Story

Project Blu isn't a brand. It's a movement.

Growing up in the Welsh countryside and recently becoming a father, Project Blu Founder Geryn Evans understands the importance of our environment, and the simple fact that unless we change our actions, it won't be around for many generations to come.

After trying out different eco-friendly pet products for his dog, Ralph, Geryn noticed that there were a limited amount of dog companies that seemed to truly care about the welfare of the planet and the people that created their products. Whereas the companies that did care didn’t create products that could withstand the usual wear and tear that comes hand in hand with the lifestyle of a pet.

Working with trusted Italian manufacturers that he's known and operated with for years, Geryn started a sustainable pet accessory company that upholds only the highest standards: in product quality, wellbeing for the people that create them, and sustainability for the planet that selflessly helps all of us.

We wish to inform others about how important this movement is, in the hope that we wish 'throw away culture' goodbye, and other companies follow suit for this most worthy cause.

For Press Enquiries, please contact Ben Street

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