Project Blu is for people who want to help make the world a better place. For those who believe that taking care of our pets can also mean taking better care of our planet without compromising comfort or style.

OUR sustainable VISION

The first step in creating more sustainable products begins with reducing the use of virgin raw materials. Project Blu converts a wide range of pre and post consumer products into high quality, sustainable designs. These include ocean-bound plastic, worn clothes, recycled leather, and discarded apple peels. We’re constantly innovating our product range and looking for ways to renew, reuse, and recycle surplus products into sustainable materials. By implementing leading-edge materials and near shoring our supply chain we're staying focused on sustainability and disrupting the pet market for the better. The sustainability journey starts here.

cutting-edge materials

Less CO2 Impact
Less Water Waste
Strong Durable



Ideal for: Fashion-conscious dogs who want to make a statement
Apple Leather is a revolutionary material made using discarded peel and pomace from orchards in the Trentino region of Northern Italy. Once collected and processed to a powder, the apples are sent to a factory in Florence, where it is combined with polyurethane (PU) and coated onto a canvas. The apple leather used in our products is made using 50% apple pomace mixed with 50% PU, coated onto a cotton polyester canvas. This process gives new life to waste that could otherwise be discarded to landfill or burned for fuel. The resulting vegan bio-leather is beautiful, waterproof and stronger than natural leather. Unlike animal leather, this material doesn’t require a tanning process and can be made with up to 50% less C02 emissions than 100% PU based alternative leathers.



Ideal for: Dogs who love timeless style and durability
Each year tons of leather goes unused and with them the resources used to make them. We work with a UK based supplier, Eleather, who recycles this unwanted material, creating a product with the luxury of traditional leather but with less than half the carbon footprint. Their unique production process is powered from renewable energy sources and saves 55% of the natural resources used by traditional leather, like land and water. They even go so far as to recycle 95% of the water used in manufacturing.



Ideal for: Adventure-minded dogs who need the most rugged gear
Duratex is our word for the range of soft, recycled, hard wearing fabrics we use for of our beds and walking accessories. This fabric is made from a combination of recycled plastics and clothing. It’s soft enough for a bed, but durable enough to use for a lead or collar. Not only does this keep waste out of our oceans and landfills, but we produce these products in Europe to ensure a premium quality finish with a lower environmental footprint.


Disrupting the current market is only the beginning. Project Blu is totally committed to setting an example of sustainable practices now and in the future, and every decision we make remains focused on this goal. From designing with intention to developing our own internal recycling and circular processes, to eventually becoming carbon negative and water positive. We learn more every day. Join us.

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